Our stand-alone lessons were written with Common Core Standards and focus on vocabulary enrichment. They will work in any classroom (grades 1-6) at any time of the year!

Please visit our Teachers Pay Teachers store to purchase your Sub Tubs lesson plans. We have provided the link below.

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Sub Plans for Two days/Grade 2: Vocabulary Sub Tubs® Vocabulary Sub Plans: Sub Tubs® Location Lesson Plan/Grade 1 Vocabulary Sub Plans: Sub Tubs® Timeline Lesson Plan/Grade Sub Plans: A Non-fiction Activity for Your Sub Tub Vocabulary Sub Plans: Sub Tubs® Location Lesson Plan/Grade 5

May your sub days be stress free and easy!!

Important directions for preparing your lesson plans:

1. Make Copies

The first 7 pages of the PDF are the easy-to-read lesson plans for the substitute–make one copy of each page
The last 7 pages of the PDF are the student worksheets–make a class set of each page (back to back is fine)

2. Additional Materials Required (Simple, I promise!)

  • A short non-fiction read aloud book
  • A short fiction read aloud book
  • Two class sets of writing paper

3. Assemble in a file folder and you are finished!

You can put the lesson plans out to use immediately, or store them in a Sub Tub® for future absences.

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