“I Believe That Opportunity Looks A Lot Like Hard Work”

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Ashton Kutcher channels Steve Jobs in the best teen choice awards acceptance speech ever.

Ashton Kutcher channels Steve Jobs in the best teen choice awards acceptance speech ever.

Welcome to the very first Sick Teacher blog, a place for all teachers to connect. While doing research and writing substitute lesson plans, it became clear that substitutes and classroom teachers rarely get the opportunity to share ideas. It is a shame because both are a wealth of information. My goal is to keep ALL teachers—substitutes and contracted teachers—connected to each other and to the world of education.

To commemorate the beginning of another year, I want to share Ashton Kutcher’s motivational speech at this year’s Teen Choice Awards ceremony. Every time I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes. I wish we could inspire such passion in each of the children we teach. And, it is refreshing to see someone in Hollywood taking a stand on what matters most in this world: working hard, taking care of others, and building a life—not simply living it!

Besides, what is more “sexy” than a teacher (if you don’t understand this reference, you will once you watch the video).

If you have not watched his speech, you won’t be disappointed. If you have already seen it, save if for a day when you need a little motivation or share it with your family (especially if you have teenagers). It can be a great conversation starter.

Hope your school year is off to a strong start……


“May your sub days be stress-free and easy!”

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  • Steven


    Great Video!


  • Stephanie Marotz


    I love the Sub Tub! Your activities that I previewed look fantastic.


  • Camden Flores


    Thank You, Stephanie! It has been fun to create them, and I truly believe teachers need support getting our sub plans prepared in case of emergencies. I wish school districts would purchase this, or something similar, for their teachers. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to show that they appreciate us. In the meantime, we make the best with what we are given!


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