Grade-Level Sample

Sub Tubs® lessons include a full day’s plan with everything your substitute and your students need to have a productive day. Each plan has the same format, but the activities are modified according to the vocabulary studied and the grade-level purchased. The format is designed to be easy-to-read by a busy substitute, and the lessons are different enough to use several days in a row. They are stand-alone, and can be used at any time of the year.

Each day’s PDF contains a 7 page lesson plan and 7 worksheets. The lesson objective are listed below.

Lesson Objectives

Welcome Letter: A letter to the sub explaining the day’s activities with space to add your own notes.
Lesson 1: Let’s Get Acquainted: A fun activity to introduce the class to the substitute and the vocabulary.
Lesson 2: Fiction Read Aloud: Students apply vocabulary and complete comprehension activity using CC Reading Standards for Literature.
Lesson 3: Number Sense Fun: Students practice computational fluency using a number grid puzzle for CC Math Standards specific to each grade-level.
Lesson 4: Non-Fiction Read Aloud: Students use specific grade-level CC Standards for Reading Informational Texts to demonstrate understanding
Lesson 5: Vocabulary Fun: Students complete vocabulary extension worksheets with partners.
Lesson 6: Time to Write: Students use informative/explanatory writing to summarize the day.
Extra Activities: There are three additional activities provided.

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